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On-going Workshops
Painting in Photoshop
Corel Painter Workshop
Photoshop Fundamentals
Creative Photoshop Techniques that Add Impact
Creating Texture in Photoshop
Colorado Equine Workshop and Horse Drive
Digital Artistry Workshops

On-Line Courses and On-locations Workshops

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Sherron's On-location Workshops (PC only)

Past Workshops
Photoshop "Art" Workshop Ventura
" From Photography to Art" - West Coast School
"Digital Artistry with Impact"
- Sold Out
WPPI Master Class - Sold Out
"Digital Artistry in Motion"- Sold Out

PPC Convention - Platform speaker and Safari program
"Photo to Art" Photoshop Workshop - Ventura, Ca
"Digital Artistry in Motion", Equine Photoshop & Photo Workshop, Santa Ynez, Ca.

West Coast School - Corel Painter and Digital Art Class
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